Legion of Brothers


Premiered at Sundance 2017.  A Greg Barker Film. 


The film is about the Special Forces who were the first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11. Known as America’s “Horse Soldiers” this gripping film tells how a small group of highly trained men toppled the Taliban in less than 90 days. The documentary also tracks the emotional journey of these men and their families as many of them went on to fight in Iraq.

National Geographic: American War Generals

Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Writer

This two hour special features eleven of American's leading war generals, including Stanley McChrystal, David Petraeus, Colin Powell and George Casey describing in gripping first person accounts how they spent their careers training to fight a conventional enemy such as the Soviet Union, with tanks, clear front lines and an enemy in uniform, but then found themselves instead bogged down fighting guerrilla wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 -- the very type of war the Army hoped it would never again fight after Vietnam.

Press: The Washington Premiere of “American War Generals” 
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National geographic:
The Last Days of Osama
bin Laden

Executive Producer, PRODUCER

A one-hour documentary shot in Abbottabad, Pakistan and Washington DC shortly after the US Navy SEAL raid on bin Laden's compound.  The film offers the first insights into what Pakistani officials knew and what the neighbors learned when they arrived at the compound moments after the SEALs departed.  Hosted and reported by CNN's National Security Analyst, Peter Bergen, the film offers fresh insights into the process at the White House that led to the historic decision to raid the compound.

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National Geographic Explorer: Talibanistan

Director, producer


Shot on the front lines of the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Illustrates how counterinsurgency is executed in the field. Exclusive access to Pakistan military operations. Interview with a captured Taliban fighter as well as a journey into Taliban territory with social scientists who are helping the military better understand the local culture.

CNN Special Investigations Unit: Narco State

Director, Producer, Co-Writer

Filmed and directed in Afghanistan, this one-hour documentary explores how the Afghan drug trade frustrates America's war on terror, fuels the Taliban insurgency and destabilizes President Karzai's government. Hosted by Anderson Cooper.

A one-hour special that documents the rise of Saddam and the Baath Party in Iraq. Gruesome video obtained from field research reveals the barbaric tactics Saddam used to instill fear throughout the country. 

National Geographic: 
Inside Saddam's Reign
of Terror

Director, producer, writer

A two-hour film on the minute-by-minute chaos that engulfed Louisiana shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck near New Orleans.

National Geographic: 
Inside Hurricane Katrina

Director, Producer

Filmed in Iraq, this documentary tracks the building of the Anfal case against Saddam Hussein. Obtained behind-the-scenes access to the U.S. prosecutors who were gathering evidence throughout the country and preparing the trial. Conducted interviews with victims slated to testify at the trial. Contributed reporting to a companion front-page article in The New York Times.

Discovery Times: 
The Case Against Saddam

Director, Producer

Filmed in Iraq, this pre-insurgency documentary highlights Ahmed Chalabi's struggle to help form a democratic government in the newly-liberated country. Chalabi and members of the Iraqi Leadership Council warn the U.S. that occupation will provoke chaos and possibly civil war.

Discovery Times: 
After Saddam

Director, Producer

Two-hour documentary based on The New York Times best-seller on Cold War submarine spying. Filmed in the U.S. and Russia, it features interviews with top-ranking military and intelligence officers. Narrated by Will Lyman.

History Channel:
Blind Man's Bluff

Director, Producer